Before you order that beautiful piece of furniture


Making Sure Your Furniture Will Fit

Here is a quick guide that explains the process so you can be sure you’re not missing a detail that could cause you frustration when your furniture is delivered:

Step 1: Note the dimensions of your piece.

You can find detailed dimensions, including the three most important measurements—width, depth and height—on each product profile.

It’s important to note that sectionals are delivered in individual pieces so be sure to use individual component measurements listed under the full dimensions section to calculate the sectional’s overall measurements.


Step 2: Note all dimensions of the pathway to delivery.

Determine the best pathway from the outside to where the piece will live, particularly if you have gates or screened doors through which the furniture must fit. This includes stairwells of apartment buildings and elevators, as they may pose obstacles when the piece is delivered.

Measure the height and width of all doorways and hallways. The width of the entryway must exceed the piece’s depth OR height. If the entryway clearance exceeds the piece’s width, then you can move it in horizontally. If the entryway clearance is less than the piece’s width, then it could be brought in vertically but only if the entryway height exceeds the piece’s width.

Please note: The height on all pieces of upholstery can be reduced by removal of attached legs or bases. Subtract leg height from overall sofa height to determine the lowest possible height on the piece of furniture.

For narrow entryways and corners, also measure the total clearance length between the outside and interior walls to make sure a piece will turn any tight corners.


Delivery will not be possible if either of these facts hold true:

  1. The piece’s width exceeds both the entryway clearance AND entryway height.
  2. The entryway’s width is less than the piece’s depth and height, even with legs or base removed.


Step 3: Consider all decorative elements in the room.

When measuring, you should account for light fixtures that may make manipulating the piece into place impossible. Make sure and note all decorative moldings such as jutting baseboards, wainscoting and chair rails if you are within several inches of a perfect fit.

Be sure to take traffic patterns into consideration if the piece of furniture will extend into the room where people will be walking.



Did you know Eleanor Rigby Home now offers performance fabrics? Our newest addition to  fabric options brings you some of the best performance fabrics on the market. Made to withstand muddy paws, spilled wine and intense sun exposure, they are stain resistant, easy to clean and extremely durable. They are also soft and beautiful, with options in a variety of texture and prints.

So choose with confidence! Our time-honored methods and exacting care now include even more options for materials with 21st century expectations. Here’s why we love performance options and you will too.

1. The Resistance

No this is not about Star Wars. This resistance is all about the toughness of performance fabric. These cloths and fibers are  water resistant, stain resistant, and mold and mildew resistant. Pet has an accident? You’re covered. A glass of wine takes a tumble? No problem.

2. Easy to Clean

Performance fabrics are easier to clean and keep clean compared to other furniture fabrics.

The most common threads used for performance upholstery fabric are olefin, acrylic, nylon, and polyester. All of these threads except nylon are particularly known for their ability to be washed and cleaned easily. If you do happen to find a tough stain, use one of these top laundry stain removers before washing, drying, and unintentionally setting the stain.

3. Environmental Benefits

Performance Fabrics are sturdy

This one is specific to olefin. Olefin is made from the process of upcycling petroleum. It uses no land or water to produce and olefin possesses performance fabric qualities without needing to be chemically treated.

4. No Stretch and Shrinkage

Performance fabrics will not shrink.

We’ve all had the sweater that goes from a great fit to a super tiny in the wash. Performance fabrics are treated to ensure that the size you buy is the size you keep.


5. Fun in the Sun

Performance fabrics will not fade in color.

Performance fabrics have a quality called light fastness. This means your patio furniture can stay bright and poppy despite the strong rays of the sun beating down from above.